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These images from different archives and primary material depict various key moments in my current research narrative.

I am a historian of the modern Middle East. I specialize in the history of the region from the late eighteenth century onward, with a particular focus on the Age of High Imperialism, from the Scramble for Africa in the 1880s to the aftermath of World War I and into the interwar period. During this period, governance in many parts of the Middle East, as well as the world, transitioned from indirect imperial to centralized nation-state rule, with profound implications for today. My background in political science and Middle Eastern studies enables me to integrate theoretical approaches from multiple disciplines and apply them to the study of this transitional era within a global context. My current work explores the process of transition from indirect imperial to centralized nation-state rule at the intersection of race, territory, and technology, focusing on the Dersim region in Eastern Anatolia. 

My peer-review journal article titled “Anticipatory Historical Geographies of Violence: Imagining, Mapping and Integrating Dersim into the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish State, 1866–1939,” recently appeared in the the Journal of Historical Geography. I contributed several chapters in edited volumes,  reviewed a book for Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée, and penned public-facing essays on Jadalliya and PolitikART. I am currently working on a journal article titled “Race, Rhetoric, and Rebellion: Afterlives of Ottoman Collapse in the Making of Dersim Thirty-Eight,” pending submission to Ethnic and Racial Studies. In addition to my book manuscript Roads to Dersim Thirty-Eight:Race, Territory, and Technology in Reinventing the Middle East, I have several ongoing peer-reviewed publication projects in different stages of development


Below are the links to some of my publications to date.  

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