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These are the flyers of some of the courses I have developed and/or taught. 

My teaching philosophy is firmly based on the principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice, which overlaps with my research agenda and methodology. I walk into the classroom with the awareness that every student comes from a different background and aspires to have a future that reflects their own inspiration. To foster such diversity, I develop an interactive atmosphere in the classroom by incorporating a variety of teaching methods that encourage students to think critically about their assumptions and the histories that shape our subjectivities. My fascination with history, for example, was fueled by a significant amount of unlearning and inspiration throughout my undergraduate and graduate education, enabling me to better understand the complex ways through which history shapes the world we live in today.

My research, academic training, and pedagogical experience have prepared me to develop and teach graduate and undergraduate courses in modern Middle East history through the conceptual frameworks of race and ethnicity studies, nationalism and nation-building, colonial and postcolonial studies, environmental history, science and technology studies, international relations, Islam, empire, and war. I have worked with students at different levels of higher education and from diverse backgrounds. Through my teaching and mentoring, I aim to enhance students’ understanding of the modern Middle East in a global context and to prepare them to produce cutting-edge scholarship in the study of the region


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