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Book (In planning stage)
            Tentative Title: State-Making in The Middle East: The Case of Dersim across Empire and Nation-State                      (1877–1938).


Journal Articles 
             “Colonizing Dersim across Empire and Nation-State (1877  1938),” American Historical  Review (Pending                      Submission). 

             “‘An Old Boil in the Lungs of Anatolia:’ Imagining Dersim as ‘a State within State’ across Empire and                          Nation-State (1866–1939),” The Journal of Historical Geography (Under review)



Chapter in an Edited Book (Forthcoming)
2022      “‘A Legend of Banditry’ across Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey: Koçan (Koçuşağı) Tribe (1890–                1938)” in “Gayri Eşkiyaya Çıkar Adımız”: Geç  Osmanlı’dan Cumhuriyet’e Eşkıyalık, Şekavet, İsyan” ed.                        Yalçın Çakmak and Ahmet Özcan.



Book Review (Forthcoming)
2022      Review of Inventing the Berbers: History and Ideology in the Maghrib, by Ramzi Rouighi, Revue des                         mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée.


Short Essays and Opinion Pieces 
2014      “Why Does Televizyon Become Vizontele? Kurds and Orientalism from Within,” Annual Review, Hagop                      Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University. 


2011       “Turkey’s Shifting Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East and Its Relationship  with Israel,” The Journal of                    Turkish Weekly.

2011       “The Arab Spring and the Waves of Democracy,” The Journal of Turkish Weekly.

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